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Dec 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
camera, some more current temperature readings 52 santa rosa. mild, down to 48 in livermore. it's going to be cold overnight. bundle up. >> we'll see new a few minutes. this cold snap causing unusual sites around the bay area, specialsly in normal temper ate south bay and peninsula. >> frosty is a christmas character and a good description of weather conditions for people waking up on the peninsula. but there were few jolly and happy souls. going outside meant dealing with uncomfortable temperatures. >> two days ago into 50s, today, it's 37. it's freezing. >> reporter: chp had caltrans check the bridge just to make sure there is no black ice. crystal springs reservoir making it look wintery. these trees are are used to the cold but workers aren't. >> i was cold, there is frost everywhere. it's freezing. >> firs delivered from oregon. temperatures bottomed out at 32 degrees this morning. frost covering everything. but it's not all bad. zach and his son found the bright side to the cold. >> probably first time he's seen frost. he got to touch frost. it was cold frost on cars and roo
Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
bachlt you can see a lovely shot there santa rosa, cold, still. below normal, upper 40s san jose, you did have a record low this morning. and rain, snow, friday afternoon and evening hours. looking at a chilly weekend ahead tomorrow morning, here are the lows. 20 degrees in napa. you're in teens this morning. 25 santa rosa and fairfield. so not exactly sament temperatures. richmond, all into low 30s 34 oakland. now, as you look at big picture here, we're still stuck in this cold pattern into tomorrow morning. there is a cold system that is just going to drop south and rain begins to approach by 5:00 p.m toechl. you can see snow showing north and then the rain line starts to shift we continue on with wee hours of saturday morning could see brief, heavy rainfall, then, showers taper off but we'll continue to see wintery mix saturday morning. turning cold again heading into your sunday morning, monday morning looking at freezing cold conditions. bay area will be seeing a potential for 2 to 4 inches of snow. a winter weather advisory. from friday night to saturday morning. into sierra nev
Dec 2, 2013 4:00pm PST
are in the low 60s at santa rosa, mo mo more. still mild in some spots. how about this view just before sunset, a slight, slight chance of some showers tonight. but not very widespread and not very heavy. colder pattern for the rest of the week and we'll have a freeze watch in effect beginning tuesday night. here is a look at the satellite image. a cold front bringing a few showers ahead of it and very, very cold air behind it. so just a slight chance tonight we may see a shower or two. but again, the big changes much colder weather behind the front that will drop our temperatures in the bay area well below freezing wednesday morning to thursday morning. this shows the front moving through tonight, clearing and cooler for tomorrow afternoon. so we'll have mainly sunny skies tomorrow. then during the overnight hour, we'll see quite a change. we'll use santa rowssa as a wayf illustrating the low temperature range over the next 7 days. in santa rosa, for wednesday morning, we expect a low of 29. thursday morning, a low of 24. temperatures bounce back up to about 30 as a low on frida
Dec 9, 2013 4:00pm PST
santa rosa teenager will return to work this week. >> he will report to desk duty, he's been on leave since october 22nd. gelhaus says he thought andy lopez was carrying an ak 47. >> it was an air soft gun painted to look real. >> dozens of protests are saying enough about shuttles to mountain view. they dressed as public safety officers and issued a mock ticket. 200 times in two years. protestors blame google for what it calls city eviction crisis. >> most workers seem to take this in stride. some snapped photos with their cell phones. >> we're glad to see prognosis is good for a toddler born with a hole in the heart who underwent surgery at childrens hospital. >> it's a story only on abc7 news. the 14-month-old aria schilling left the hospital today. her fight led to another battle for her parents. abc7 news is at the hospital now with the story. laura? >> reporter: well, the schillings left the hospital here at children's hospital this morning with. aria ahead of schedule. april surgery a life-saving surgery, her parents worry she might not get in time. >> so those are where the tu
Dec 3, 2013 4:00pm PST
hypothermia. looking at the view of skies clearing out. temperatures toppling. tomorrow morning. santa rosa waking up to 29. napa, 27. 31 fairfield, concord and livermore, if you think that is cold. wait until what you see what is coming up. >> thank you. >> we have seen the sun but it was crisp in places. >> sure. carolyn tyler joins us live now. it's expected to get close to freezing mark later tonight. carolyn? >> well, larry this is the first time i've had to pull on my heavy coat. very needed it off and on today. you can see from the board behind me, it's doing okay right now in walnut creek. so it's expected to be down right cold tonight. since it cold, let's check out the pool. diablo solar services has about 25,000 customers using water insulated solar panels to heat pools. >> this water in the panels. panels in this home are being trained nochlt pools but you have plants like citrus? well, you might want to buy protective spray or a blanket from pleasant hill. >> what >> temperatures above freezing. sxiet the fact we haven't had a three to degree mark. sometimes, frost can settle o
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5